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Your event is in good hands

Finding great entertainment can be tricky.
You want your event to be unforgettable
- for the right reasons.

Don't Sweat It

See what event planners and audiences say about the show.

Event Planners book Jon Mobley when they want entertainment that will be talked about long after the event. His background in improv and stand-up comedy guarantees your event will be unique, interactive, and fun for everyone.


Guests love his humor, quick wit, and contagious enthusiasm. 


Watch in amazement as Jon wows your guests with his jaw-dropping close-up experience. His magnetic personality attracts groups around the room, and it's a guaranteed hit with even the most skeptical viewers.


If you want to captivate your audience from a stage, Jon presents Sleight of Mind, his unique and hilarious take on the art of illusion that will have everyone laughing and asking, “How’d he do that?!” Your guests will immediately love his brand of humor that takes a jab at magic itself, and his playlist of energetic music throughout the performance keeps everything upbeat and fun.


Your guests will laugh and gasp in amazement, and they’ll have YOU to thank.

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